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Put Rivaille on Things

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You feel like the day is a bit slow, so you go digging on Naver for stuff about Titan. You find some normal stuff, fan art, cosplay group compilations, instructions on building 3D gear cosplay, colossal titan’s head made out of what I think is bacon and cabbage for a bento box, colossal titan making friend with Hatsune Miku. You know, stuff you’d expect. Then you find the next Titan Twitter Fad.

Rivaille is a shoe-in popularity character. His disposition and looks make him total Josei bait, so it’s not surprising you’d see fanart and picture groups just for him. But for some people, that’s not enough. Sometimes there are things without Rivaille in them, and that’s just not ok.

Magical Girls


And then you start getting to the weird ones

There’s a whole gallery of them on Naver that includes ones I couldn’t grab. I think this is now the fifth fad that’s popped up from this show? Because we had “Guren no Everything,” then the reactions to Eren getting eaten, then the reactions to those reactions, and the distorted perspective pictures for playing titan on Twitter. That’s five fan movements in eight episodes if don’t count the ongoing love of Sasha. I wonder what the next episodes will inspire in people.


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