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Onepunch-Man Anime Fan OP 1

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Fans do some cool things. This is exactly what it says on the label. Someone via what looks like a YouTube comment asked these guys to make an anime OP for OPM, and they just busted out an original song just for that. I assume the song is called “Onepunch-Man Forever.” The whole video uses camera effects on manga pages and maybe even some .gifs you’ve seen before, but it looks pretty cool. Probably because Murata’s art and sense of motion could carry an anime OP on their own, but putting them all together looks nice. There’s also a few original drawing here and there, and the song being made in this style while being OPM’s unique thing is just too cool.

I found this via ONE’s twitter, so go like it a billion or so times so one day this might actually happen.

Onepunch Man 26 Raws

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All right. It’s finally time for a full OPM chapter where we’re going to get story and action and progress. And guess what?

Still in full color

Never one to skimp on the artistic “IT LOOKS SO GOOOOD!” Murata has given us the next big story leap of OPM in full blown color. Genos is still questioning the big, new robot who is also interested in dealing with the overhead problem.

There does seem to be some mysterious someone behind the new robot. I can’t tell if that person is supposed to be in the robot wearing it as a suit or controlling/commanding it remotely. I think the latter.

Makes a pretty good try with his super missile cluster

Not that it helps, but A for effort

Genos gets an S for effort, though, being willing to tear out his own heart

so he can fire the ultra laser that is bigger than the building he’s standing on

At the end of the day, though, this is Onepunch-Man, not Cyborg City Savior Genos

“You won’t fall on my city!”

Sorry about the size and the white blocks in the first few pictures. The size isn’t consistent until after them, and I had trouble getting the colors to not horrible wash out into some half grayscale. It’s not the most cohesive .gif we’ve gotten out of the series, but the color is amazing and Saitama’s heroic cry is just too good.

There is another potential .gif of Saitama landing, but it’s broken up by other story events. Make sure and check out the whole chapter at Tonarinoyj.

Onepunch-Man Chapter 24 Raws

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If you were a cyborg, how would you comport yourself? Would you want to look as human as possible so as to remain inconspicuous? How would you get into your battle gear when it was time to fight evil, as cyborgs are wont to do? Especially if the evil is a giant meteorite about to come down on your head.

You have to do something. Normal people are just going to stand around crying until something gets done.

If you answered that you would carry your cyborg battle parts in an exploding attache case, then congratulations. You’d get Genos on one of those “Which Character are you” quizzes from so many years ago.

It’s interesting to see that Genos has non-battle arms. I didn’t even notice until he put on the actual laser shooting ones, but he’s been traveling around with just normal cyborg arms that probably only give him enough strength to lift and then crush a car like a tin can instead of super lasers that can blow away mountains.

There’s no Saitama in this one. He only gets a brief mention as “Sensei” while Genos is doing his heroic poses on a rooftop after his awesome suit-up sequence. And yes, it does come in .gif form.

Yes, the arms are jet powered just for this sequence

Heroic antics are all well and good, and Genos is certainly a good hero. There’s nothing in this world that could possibly make him abandon his duty to the city and Saitama.

Except maybe this guy. Based on Genos going, “That’s…” this may be the Harbinger of Backstory.

You can check out the whole raw at Tonarinoyj.

Onepunch-Man.gif Leveled Up to Onepunch-Man.mp4

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Since I post them pretty much every time it comes up, you should know by now that OPM lends itself really well to .gif images. Did you also think it might lend itself really well to AMVs?

These two did. These two guys, teppeli and huy respectfully, came out of the woodwork for these as they are the only videos by them. Nice debut on both. They both managed a fun AMV and good use a manga resources to help make real motion, you know on top of the real motion that Murata already puts in, where they could have just flashed a bunch of manga pages up with some filters and maybe a bit of camera movement. I mean, there is some of that, but there’s something so satisfying when you see Genos getting cut in half or little details like Saitama’s cape flapping in the wind.

Go give these guys some encouragement. Maybe they’ll make more.

Onepunch-Man Chapter 23 Raws and Nothing Else Because I Already Talked about 22’s Translation

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In the midst of the bonus tankoban chapters, I’d totally forgotten about that Chapter 23 was coming out today. It’s a short chapter. A little more text focused, but only really because there’s not a lot of time to get the ball rolling on any action. There’s a little Genos and Saitama apartment shenanigans.

They’re talking about rankings in the Heroes Association. With my limited Japanese, I can’t tell who it is that’s in what ranks they mention. Saitama’s name comes up on the first page I think saying that he’s gone up from the 388th C Rank Hero to the 342nd. The word “cyborg” comes up after S Rank 19, so that might be where Genos is now. Oh, also, a meteor is going to hit the city, destroying it and possibly the Earth. (Edit: Since I wrote this last night, a string of new images were added to the update. After looking through them, I tried my hand at making one of those .gifs this series lends itself to.)

They don’t deal with the meteor in this chapter, but I’m not worried because there’s a new character kicking around the Association.

I love grizzled, stern, old man characters, and this guy’s got it all. Again, from my limited Japanese, I think his name is Bang and he’s the S Rank 3 Hero. By the metric of Hero Ranks, that makes him the third strongest member of the Hero’s Association just behind Tornado. That makes him probably around a hundreth of Saitama’s strength on a good day, but that’s not going to hold him back.

Because I think he’s going to kung-fu that meteor. That may not be what happens, but it will be what happens in my heart.

You can check out the whole chapter here at Tonarinoyj.


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