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Attack on Titan Blu-ray Bonus Visual Novel Announced

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The Official site has announced that there is an Attack on Titan visual novel now in development. The VN is being co-produced by Production I.G. and Nitroplus, a Japanese VN game company. The game will be released in two volumes as a bonus packed in with the Vol. 3 Blu-rays/DVDs, launch date September 18th, and the Vol. 6 Blu-rays/DVDs, launch date December 18th.

They released a staff list. There are two scenario writers, Hiroshi Seko who’s name I’m sure you’re used to by now from the preview and synopsis sets, and a person who’s name I can’t read: 砂阿久雁. I’m not really strong in my name kanji, and it’s hard to find any information on them. They only thing I find reliably is that they are the author of the book Guilty Crown: Princess of Deadpool. Character designer is a person named Namaniku ATK. If you’re interested, you can check out their Pixiv account here, but… well, there’s no nudity on the landing page, but the images are distinctly erotic in nature, so click with care. There’s also a “Participation” credit for Jun Hagane. That ANN page will only list his credit for Demonbane, but he’s also known as an Adult Game Maker and, like the other two, works with nitro+.

You getting that same odd feeling that I am? That it’s weird they’re pulling in people known for making eroge to work on this? Each one of them has a little intro in the article that pretty much all boil down to, “Excited about the project, Titan is so cool, will work hard on this,” and it’s all under supervision by Isayama. I guess I just feel like it’s a weird precedent we’re going into this game with.

Vol. 1 of the game will have two episodes, and Vol. 2 will have three:

Vol. 1
1. “Lost in the cruel world” (Mikasa Gaiden)
2. “Choose without Regrets [Advanced Notice]” (Rivalle and Irwin Past Chapter)

Vol. 2
1. “Choose without Regrets” (Rivaille and Irwin Past Chapter)
2. “Title To Be Announced” (Eren and Rivaille Gaiden)
3. “Wall Sina, Goodbye” (Annie Gaiden)

The Blu-ray/DVD with these are a while’s off from being released, so this is a little something to stew over. I wasn’t talking about the Titan blu-rays like the JoJo’s ones because I didn’t think there was as much reason to with the official streams and all that, but you’ll hear about them if they come with big name bonuses like this. Titan’s got a lot of attention, so maybe we’ll get a translation script for them.

(Image from the © Hajime Isayama, Production I.G., WIT Studio, Nitroplus Co., Ltd., and the Shingeki no Kyojin Production Committee.)


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