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Kill La Kill 3 Minute PV

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That commercial fine and all, but this a real PV. There is a YT version, but unfortunately, Aniplex hasn’t made it available in the States, so anyone who doesn’t live in the right region won’t be able to see it. We’ll have to make due with the Nico version linked through the image. If the trailer does become available, I’ll embed it then.

Anyway, time to see what Trigger can do on a budget. The first thing that crosses my mind is Gurren Lagann. There are no robots, at least not yet, but the way things move, the coloring, the composition, the flashiness all looks like GL did almost exactly with a few extra style references here and there. The way Ryuuko twirls her sword reminds me a lot of the way Panty would twirl Backlace after the transformation sequence. Speaking of, I guess they’re going all magical girl on us, but what I’m really interested in is how the fighting will go. It looks like it’ll be fun, high speed stuff, but they’re keeping a lot of it close to the chest because we didn’t see many impacts. I’ll hold my tongue for now.

The first song doesn’t have a credit that I can find, but I’m willing to bet it’s the ED by Miku Sawai. I don’t know the name yet, but here’s her voice.

And the second song does have a credit. “Sirius” by Eir Aoi. I couldn’t find a version of it leaked yet, but here’s her voice.

Yeah, that’s dead on. Faced with who to put in OP and ED, I would arrange it just like this. Both of them have gorgeous voices as well.

Kill la Kill will start airing October 3rd on MBS.


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