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A High Quality Trip to Egypt! JoJonium Enters Part 3!

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The calming blue for Jotaro’s stoic demeanor to contrast the vibrant red from Joseph’s hot-blooded passion. It’s a nice change.

JoJonium has finished up with Part 2 and moved onto the new releases of Part 3. Well, in a month. The catchcopy submissions and covers are starting to be revealed as the last Part 2 volume is being released today. If you’ve been looking to get a hold of these, this may be the time with each volume sitting at around ¥1,500 or less each.

This is going to be the longest stretch yet probably being as many volumes as Parts 1 and 2’s seven together. Good thing there are a lot of people to put on the cover.

As before, the catchcopy for the lower belt is open to the fans to make, and now you’ll be doing example edits over this spiffy picture of Jotaro for a picture of Joseph using Hermit Purple since Jotaro was used for the last cover of Part 2. 30 character limit for the CC, 10 for the pen name you have to use. Good luck.

Mustache Considerations. Araki on Zeppeli from JoJonium 2 and JoJonium 7 Catch Copy Contest Open

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The smallest detail on a character can be one of their most defining or damning traits. When designing characters, you have to give a lot of care to make sure there’s nothing small wrong. Zeppeli’s mustache is apparently one of those things. JoJonium 2’s interview with Araki has been translated, once again by zehimonashi Tumblr. It’s an interesting piece on character design. Directly quoted:

Will Anthonio Zeppeli
Mr. Zeppeli’s Mustache Was A Considerable Gamble

Birthday: Around 1838
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Horoscope Sign: Unknown
Blood Type: Unknown
Nationality: Italian

Mr. Zeppeli’s* name comes from the rock band Led Zeppelin. To me, they’re the cream of the crop of musicians, so I felt I had to use them when I was naming him. It really is a shame, it’s kind of like cutting a joker right off the bat. So, I had to have that much resolve when I debuted Mr. Zeppeli as a character. Furthermore, the sound is important, of course JoJo, like Jonathan and Joestar, has a lot of J sounds. so I wanted to balance it out with the Z in Mr. Zeppeli even in English lettering. I similarly made sure the sounds weren’t too similar for Speedwagon.

Mr. Zeppeli: Jonathan’s master who teaches him the Ripple and guides him to destroying the Stone Mask. The way I see it, I dig teachers who at first blush seems like the ‘are you sure it’s going to be okay, he seems like he’s just messing around’ kind. Like how in Jackie Chan movies, where it’s like ‘this inebriate’s been drinking, but how is he so strong?’ Same for the teacher in The Karate Kid. With characters like this, it’s what’s on the inside that commands respect. And it’s through this gap you feel his appeal rather than through the superficial or just by appearances. I wanted him to have the image of looking weak but being actually strong, his outward appearance has the aura of a magician and a swindler’s mustache. This mustache is that of the artist Salvador Dali or Osomatsu-kun‘s Iyami, that type of lineage.

However, especially for a Shōnen magazine, a mustache was a component that required a lot of courage. First of all, it makes him seem older, and shady. I think it would be like this with any type of mustache. But in Mr. Zeppeli’s case, even though he’s a master, he isn’t an old man with a considerable age difference from Jonathan. Plus, he’s the lead supporting role. Perhaps it would make the readers turn away from him. So that’s why it took courage. He is a character that I have not really put out in any of my other works. but I made a decision to put out the “are you sure it’s going to be okay” type I mentioned before. Thinking back, it was a “gamble” or an “adventure” on my part. At the time, I thought, well, it’s JoJo so it should be fine. It’s called Bizarre Adventure after all. And finally for the record, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure (Jojo no kimyou na bouken) came out into the world before Bizarre Stories in this World (Yo ni mo kimyou na monogatari). I wanted to emphasize that.

*Araki only uses honorifics on Zeppeli in his signature on the original manuscript.

The Untold Story Behind JoJonium 02’s New Illustration

Q: That orb on his cane can’t possibly be…?
A: A steel ball from Steel Ball Run
You can’t have Zeppeli without a top hat. And when the diamond pattern is curved, it looks 3D and is in a nice form.

It seems like the most inane detail, in part because we’re all very used to Will having a mustache by now, but Araki’s right in that it sends a lot of potential messages that might not have worked for a shonen manga.

And while we’re here talking about JoJonium anyway, might as well mention that the next catch copy contest is up. You’ll be writing over this nice picture of Cars and Joseph. Same rules as always. 30 character phrase, 10 character pen name.

You Can Read This Book After You Climb out of the Pit! JoJonium Vol. 5 Cover and Catch Copy Contest!

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Another leg of the JoJonium journey is upon us. We’re getting ready for the big trip to Rome to learn the true secrets of punching super vampires to death with our sun fists, so it’s Lisa Lisa’s turn to be on the cover. I believe this book will cover up to Caeser’s battle with Wham because the contest this time will be for the catch copy over

Caeser and Wham. Same rules as always. 30 character slogan, 10 character pen name. And just so you don’t get discouraged for writing in English, this page has all the previous catch copies by book they were submitted for. One of the ones for Vol. 4, “NEW AGE, NEW WORLD, & NEW HOPE,” was in all English. There are also secondary prizes. The main one, marked with the pink and white button, is the winning catch copy. Anything with the pink and black button gets to be on the poster. Anything with the black and white button gets to be put in the ads that are run in magazines based on their composition. So there’s plenty of places to let your words be seen.

JoJonium Vol. 5 will launch March 4th.

I Wouldn’t Take This One on a Plane Ride. JoJonium Vol. 4 Cover and Slogan Contest Open!

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Consider it an aspect of my anime addled brain, but I like Joseph in his rider outfit with the goggles and fingerless gloves. It suits him since he comes off as the type to just say “screw it” and tool around on a road trip.

Transitioning to the Battle Tendency portions of JoJonium has turned the color from a rich green to a proud red adorned with the lasting series symbols of the stone mask, the Red Stone of Aja, and a bottle of Coke fully loaded and aimed right at your head. This is just the preview of the cover since Vol. 3 goes on sale tomorrow.

And of course submissions are also open for the next wrapper slogan that will go over Vol. 5. This time you’ll be working with ACDC and Lisa Lisa. Rules are the same as always: 30 character upper limit in your choice of small, medium, or large characters with a 10 character pen name. The input is interactive, so you’ll get to see how your slogan sits on the cover. I hadn’t tested it until now, but if you go over the character limit, it doesn’t stop you. The counter for the limit just changes to 無駄無駄ッ!! (MUDAMUDAaa!!) That’s pretty cool.

JoJonium Shibuya Posters Collection

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The last poster set we got was only a few samples. Someone on Naver was nice enough to get pictures of the entire poster set in the train. There are some really interesting character portraits.

Like Bruford who looks very correct drawn in modern Araki style. like how this picture gets kind of dark once you realize it’s Dio carrying Danny somewhere.

But the one I’m really impressed with is this. I liked the chemical chains when they were done small, but this one goes through the first three Parts with some impressive attention to detail. It’s not that close up, but if you look, each character hexagon is properly connected to the characters they have relationships with according to how close they are or how similar they are. This may be why they had to do this so soon because working a Part 4 or 5 chain set into this would just be huge offshoots from Dio and Old Joseph, and that poster would be enormous, and I’d want a copy to put on my ceiling.

You can see the whole gallery here.

JoJo’s and Trains Part 2: JoJonium Leak in Shibuya Station

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JoJonium 3 is the next one on the way. You know what that means. Once again, “JoJonium wants you” to write their binding band slogan. For 3, the band will feature Joseph and Santana, though this has Dio on the cover. This will be the last volume for Part 1, so I assume we’ll also be transitioning to Part 2. You can find the submission form here. Same rules as before. 30 character slogan limit, 10 character pen name limit.

Also, to promote JoJonium, this series of posters are going to be plastered all over Shibuya Station, the busiest of all stations, between December 2nd and 8th. I really do like the chemical chain model used for Dio and Jonathan. Those would get really complex if you started doing them for later Parts. I’d like to get a higher resolution version of the full table, but that’s all there was. I can only make out a few like An as Anubis and Jo for who looks like George the first.

If you’d like to see how the posters will be arranged, you can see the plan chart here.

(Images from Araki-JoJo)

[Edit: The image of the table now links to a bigger, clearer version of the poster from the train as gotten by volavolavola Tumblr. And SaberKatana in the comments was nice enough to offer a partial list of the characters in order from right to left starting at the top. Quoted:

S = Stone Mask
Jo = George Joestar
Mj = Mary Joestar
Jo = Jonathan Joestar
Da = Dario Brando
Di = Dio Brando
Dn = Danny
Ep = Erina
Ze = Will Zeppeli
Sw = Speedwagon

Pc = Poco
Ps = Peggy Scott-Adams (okay I had to look up her full name)
Wn = Wang Chung
Jr = Jack the Ripper maybe
Br = Bruford
Ta = Tarkus
Ms = OMG is that Mary Stuart?
To = Tonpeti
Dr = Dire
St = Straits
Do = Doobie
Pa = Page
Jn = Jones
Bo = Bonham
Sx = Styx
Jo = Joseph Joestar
Cz = Caesar
Li = Lisa Lisa
Sw = Speedwagon again
Ej = Erina Joestar

I’ll start working on the other half. There’s a few faces I don’t recognize outright, but I’ll be back with it soon.]

JoJonium #1 and #2 Covers, Your JoJonium Primer, and Cover Slogan Contest 2 Now Open

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The first covers of JoJonium have been revealed. I really like Jonathan on his cover because I’m so used to his anime and ASB hair now that my mind boggles at the amount of late 19 century English hair gel that must go to maintaining that shape. It does make him look younger, though, and this is Jonathan with Danny. Will looks like how he should at Araki’s current style. Remember that you can preorder these issues on Amazon Japan now.

By the way, if you still aren’t up on what exactly JoJonium is, Nenamartinez Tumblr posted a nice general FAQ for it. Directly quoted:

What is Jojonium?

  • It’s a large-format reprinting of Jojo parts 1-3 (no info on whether or not later parts will be printed yet..).  This kind of collection is commonly called a “kanzenban” ( 完全版 – literally meaning “complete version”)    But in this case I’ve also seen it being called a “aizouban” ( 愛 蔵版 – literally meaning “Favorite edition” though best thought of as a “collector’s edition”) or —-on the Jojonium website itself, it’s a “Hakosouban” ( 函装版 – “box edition”)

Isn’t that the same as the Omnibus collection?

  • Almost. Jojonium is A5 size  (148.5 × 210 cm  or 5.83 × 8.27). The omnibus collection is printed on cheap, magazine-quality paper.  Jojonium will be printed on high quality paper for archival purposes. The covers of Jojonium will also be new art and there will be some color pages, too.

How many volumes will there be?

  • Parts 1-3 will be collected into 17 books. (So, there will be more pages per book to make it a lower number of books overall. That’s partially why the price of the books is higher, though quality is the bigger reason)

When will these be released?

  • The first two books will be released on December 4th.

Are there any other special bonuses?

  • There will be notes from Araki in the back about character creation. Color pages have been retouched. There may be more bonuses.

Will the rest of the parts be released in this edition?

  • There is no guarantee, but I certainly hope so!

If you have any further questions, you can direct them to her ask page here. Just make sure to label that with JoJonium because questions like, “So tell me more about Dio,” would probably just be confusing.

Finally, with these two covers out, we’ve now moved to the next cover of the fan slogan submissions. This submission set is only for the band around JoJonium #3 which will feature Jonathan and Count of Devil’s Castle Dio. As before, your slogan is limited to 30 characters in your choice of Small (小) Medium (中) or Large (大) type size, and you are required to leave a pen name up to ten characters. There should not be a language limit, though 30 characters in English isn’t as robust as it would be in kanji. If you feel like trying your hand, you can do so at this link. The submission period for this band is from today, November 1st, until the 18th at noon JST.

(Images gathered by volavola Tumblr. © Hirohiko Araki, LUCKYLAND Communications, and Shueisha.)


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