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Nothing Like Washing Your Face with That Authentic Colossal Titan Feel

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The first set of official Attack on Titan trinkets have gone on sale from Brain Police. It’s a pretty normal set of products, clothes like this serape, phone straps, and towels. I bring it up because some of the products use the standard designs of the characters.

Most of them, however, use these. These particular ones are pictures of the mini-towels, but these designs are also used for the tiny pillow chains and fan phone straps. You might recognize the Chimi Chara designs as being the same ones used in the little bonus 4koma included with some of the episode synopses. There’s a credit on that one that links it to Studio Moriken and some guy named Yuupon who I think is this guy who happens to work for nitro+.

If you happen to be interested in an official way to rub an adorable Rivaille all over your face in the morning, you can find all the products on Brain Palace’s Titan section. Preorders are being accepted until the 26th, and orders will ship sometime in late June.

(Images from © Hajime Isayama, Kodansha, and the Attack on Titan Production Committee)


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