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Titan Blu-ray Vol. 3 Episodes 5,6 and 7 Blu-ray Comparison Shots

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Time for another visit from the correction fairy. There are more overall corrections as Vol. 3 covers episodes 5, 6, and 7, but 5 contains the most overall correction. It actually contains more corrections than 6 and 7 combined. To that end, all the pictures I’ll show you here come from that episode. Episode 5 was pretty heavy, both in animation demand and in how it stands to audiences, so I guess it makes sense that it would need all the attention.

There’s still adjustments like this where someone’s expression shifts a lot. There aren’t any like last sets Eren’s “Duh” face being replaced with actual emotion, but here he does look more angrily focused instead of murderous high. The shadow is a bigger, stranger error. The shape I at least get, but I’m guessing that someone forgot for a second that the shadow and the background weren’t on the same layer. Oh well.

There are also still ones like this where two shots look entirely unrelated. Likely, the above was used to save time and the lower one was the actual, intended shot. There are some of these in this comparison set that are so different, they can’t actually be compared in one-to-one shots as animation has shifted so much. There are also some comparisons during the Mikasa’s childhood flashback that are solid black against something actually being there.

But a lot more of the comparisons are like this. Simpler drawing adjustments, shadow reduction or increase, redone color palates, and facial adjustments that give the show overall a more dynamic look. You see a lot of them on the 3D gear swords where they’ve been changed to have greater shine/sheen on the blade. Look how much more vibrant ‘Ole Grandpa Titan is now compared to that washed out and gray shot from before. And when shadows are added, it does help to cover some of the weaker CG.

You can check out the whole list of comparisons on Yaraon.

(Image of the Vol. 3 Box from

Attack on Titan Episode 7 “Small Blade” Teaser Images

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There’s something about titans looking through windows that I find amusing. They just look so innocent, like curious children or something.

All right, maybe not that one.

This is the episode about closeups on dramatic or shocked facial expressions.

Except for Sasha. I mean, this is a tough situation, but it’s not like someone’s eating bread in front of her.

You can check out the rest of the images at Yaraon.

Attack on Titan Episode 7 “Small Blade” Preview Images and Synopsis

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Is it just me, or is Armin’s hair getting bigger?

The signal to retreat is sounded, but Jean, Armin, and Connie are all out of fuel for the 3D gear, so it’s not possible for them to scale the wall and escape. Mikasa catches up to them and they form a plan to head for where the resupply unit was last, but the building is being swarmed by titans. Mikasa begins trying to recapture the area, but…. And the synopsis just sort of ends there.

Screenplay is once again Hiroshi Seko. At this point, it’ll be a surprise when it’s not him all of a sudden. The other crew does change though. Our storyboarder and director this time is Yuzuru Tachikawa, episode director on a number of things including her full creative control of the anime Death Billiards that is her own concept. She also drew this cute Titan picture for her Twitter. Animation direction is by the pair of Takaaki Chiba, Cheif animation director for episode 3, regular AD for 1, and key animation for the OP and episodes 1 and 2, and Kyouhei Tezuka, the Main Animator, fellow key animator to Chiba for the OP and 1 and 2, and AD for episode 2.

I wonder if my favorite, by which I mean the scene that disturbs me the most, will make it into this episode. I hope so because if people are still posting reaction videos, it’s going to be fun to see people looking…

Well, like this.

(Images from Shingeki.TV. © Hajime Isayama, Kodansha, Production I.G., WIT Studio, and the Shingeki no Kyojin Production Committee.)


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