Viz Moves to Make a Digital Release for Stardust Crusaders

Sorry if that’s a bit hard to read after getting sized down, but I’ll sum it up anyway. Viz Manga is going to release JoJo’s Part 3: Stardust Crusaders on their digital distribution channel. Digital volumes from Viz are usually about five dollars at a glance, so it’s ~$80 for a digital copy of the whole of an official English release of Stardust Crusaders. Not only that, if this does well, they’ll look into getting us other Parts. If you can, in that you both live in the right region and have the money for it, please support this. A lot of fan translators have announced that if this pushes us to getting official Part whatever releases, they will take down their equivalent scans as part of their show of support.

This broke with only the top of that image up there, but I added the other two from the conversation that came up about the possibility of keeping the original names because I want to step up in Viz’s defense. It gets tl;dr here, so fair warning.

I’m a fan of this series, too, so I get it. The western music references aren’t just some arbitrary aesthetic Araki jammed in, it’s also part of the charm especially for us western JoJo’s fans. Good fights on their own, there’s something extra amusing about watching a French swordsman and a terrier fight for their lives against the terror that is Vanilla Ice, or seeing invisible zombies summoned through the power of Limp Bizkit bearing down on a woman named after a French fashion label and her KISS stickers. I know, but it’s not that easy. That one at the bottom mentions five stands from Part 4, and you know as well as I do that’s not even half the direct references in that Part. For every musical reference, from band to song, every person with creative controlling interest for JoJo’s, from Viz to Araki himself, must come to an agreement with everyone in controlling interest of the copyright/trademark on the thing being referenced as to how it’s going to be used. For music references, that’s at least the band and the record label and probably a lot of other people. For fashion labels, they have to get permission from the company through their legal department who have to reference with their company policy and higher-ups. It’s not as easy as Araki or someone from Viz or Shueisha calling up Roger Waters or David Byrne and going, “Hey, dude. Gonna name something in my work the same as one of your songs as a reference. Hope that’s cool.” I wish it worked that simplistically, but it doesn’t, and different artists and labels are going to be react differently. Some might be very receptive, especially for ones that are kinda vague like Echoes or Tusk or simple names like Hermes or Iggy, but some might be really harsh about it. We’ve all heard the rumors about Prince and Gold Experience. So if you want this fandom to flourish in the west/States area, because we are currently a relatively small fandom here, it’s going to take a well translated, easily available version like this to do it. You’re going to need to cut them a little slack and make it worth their while for all the effort.

Anyway, keep this in mind. Squirrel away a little cash and pick up the early volumes to see if it grabs you. If I manage to have the money, you can bet I’m going to.

(Thanks to the JoJo’s Tumblr for picking up this story so I can do my part to spread the word.)

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