I Put a Punch in Your Cloud Suit. ASB DLC Characters Anasui and Weather Report Announced

And there goes my idea that stage hazard characters wouldn’t be used for playable characters. I guess Dio was part of the Cairo stage hazard, so maybe that was never a big deal anyway, but I still wasn’t banking on Weather Report. Anasui was in the bag, though. He’s had an announced voice actor, Yuichi Nakamura, for a while now. I don’t see one listed for Wes, though it might just be too blurry to make out wherever it’s written. But with stage background characters open, that means any you’ve seen back there are fair game. I figured Speedwagon might not be in because he’s both a major announcer character and part of a stage, but with this and the potential eight characters per part, he’s probably going to be in at some point.

As for what you can see of the two, you can see WR’s cloud suit. I can’t tell if it’s being used as part of an ultra, but I think it would be a sort of buffing ultra. That, or a hazard all to himself. You do the cloud suit ultra, then the opponent loses health slowly since there’s no oxygen. The high oxygen concentration fires will definitely make it in, and Heavy Weather is bound to by Great Heat. I have no idea what’s going on with Diver Down. You can see it doing a rush, but I don’t know what’s happening in the other picture. I say traps most every time, but that actually was Diver Down’s power. It may also be used for warping and voiding like Valentine since he can also hide in objects or people. His Great Heat will probably be placing DD inside the opponent and messing them up.

That gives us five Stone Ocean characters. I’m still waiting on F.F., but I’m sure all in due time.

[Edit: Digging around in the same internet holes that brought me this picture is also starting to bring me some dissent about the picture not being real. I’m still seeing a similar amount of people going in for it, that is an Anasui pose straight from the manga,¬†Anasui still does have a listed voice actor across a few sources and there’s old rumblings about it in the Japanese blogosphere, and the print looks like a print that listed Fatty. I guess an ambitious enough fan prankster could fake a few things like that, so if I’m wrong and this is a fake announcement, I’ll let you know.]

5 Responses to “I Put a Punch in Your Cloud Suit. ASB DLC Characters Anasui and Weather Report Announced”

  1. AAAAAARGH no no no, I was waiting for Weather and now he’s a DLC that I probably won’t be able to buy because Japanese banks and Japanese PSN are Hitlers and don’t want my money ;____;

    • MoonOwl Says:

      Have you thought about accessing the “Play-Asia” website and purchasing a Japanese PSN card for that? That’s what I’m probably going to do.

    • Things on Play Asia are helluva expensive, I will pay three times the actual price, but the idea is awesome, thank you!

  2. ililil Says:

    Were you that blind to not tell it was totally fake?

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