Shirogane no Ishi: Argevollen Episode 1 “Encounter” Teasers

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It’s time for the resident robot show of summer and well, this one actually holds up pretty well.

So yes the robots are CG…

But some of the designs are cool.

But the action is really cool

And this leads exactly into what you think it does.

So yeah this show is extremely promising. The action is satisfying and if that alone continues, it’s a successful robot show. The show has already been licensed by Sentai Filmworks, and is being simulcasted on CrunchyRoll. Check it out, it’s worth your time.

More images can be seen at Yaraon.

Free! Eternal Summer Episode 1 “Storm of Dive and Dash” Teasers

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That’s right, another summer, another series of Free to show you all the male fanservice you need.

Seriously there not even trying to hide it, and oddly enough that’s mildly interesting. But on the whole this looks like it’s going to be the same show just slightly later in it’s timeline.

The rest can be seen at Yaraon.

Stardust Crusaders Episode 13 “Wheel of Fortune” Teasers

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You can see the rest at Yaraon.

Fruit Store Operation, Parfait Construction, and You. JoJolion Chapter 33

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This chapter is weirdly put together. There’s a long explanation by Norisuke about how he runs his store sandwiched between some plot progression and our next source of mysterious intrigue. I don’t mind, though, because it brings in some kinda funny moments. After Yotsuyu’s fight dragging on, it’s nice to see Noisuke get even more spotlight.

You can read the chapter here. I promise. IT’S REAAAAL!!

Stardust Crusaders Blu-ray Vol. 1 to Launch July 30th!

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Time to finally learn the details of these little goodies. The first Stardust Crusaders blu-rays have finally made an appearance on the main site with all their special bonuses laid out. Each disk will contain 4 episodes, this one has the first four of course. There are six total, and if you buy all six, there is a special bonus figure from Di Moltobene that there isn’t of a picture of yet. This specific disk’s early run copies come with the special JoJo raDIO CD and the storyboard booklet from Episode 1 that you see in the image. Each disk will be ¥9,500 from various vendors each with their own bonuses.

Each disk is launching a little less than a month apart, so see you in a few weeks for the next one!

(Image from © Hirohiko Araki, LUCKYLAND, Shueisha, Warner Brothers, and the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Stardust Crusaders Production Committee)

“So this garbage is your trailer for me?” Tohru Adachi P4A UUSH Trailer!

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Translation courtesy of ANN:

: The timing of the incident…
Yōsuke: If the culprit knows about you…
Chie: …You…!
Yōsuke: You’re kidding, right!?
Adachi: Hey! Long time no see, you guys!
: …Adachi…!
Adachi: Huh? Ahahaha, well, actually, I had intended to be good from now on…
Adachi: Huh? Oh, you’re here, too. I’m fake? Ah, OK, sure, I’m fake, I’m fake.
Adachi: This town’s future? Has nothing to do with me. I’ll do as I please. I have rules too, you know.
Narrator: “The world is still trash!” The completely self-centered cabbage detective: Tohru Adachi!
Adachi: Oh come on, is your savior really just this? That’s too bad. Looks like he’s just a kid who’s wet behind the ears.
Adachi: Haha… Idiot… Come on. Bring it.
Adachi: I’ll break in you kids as many times as it takes…

It’s good to see that Adachi’s toying, irreverent attitude made its way into gameplay. That he has a move where he knocks you over and laughs at what a little bitch you are may be the best thing in a game that has a title screen where a robot shatters a kid’s spine with a suplex. I hope he plays well.

Mushishi S2 Episode 10 “The Bottom of Winter” Preview Image and Synopsis and Special Annoucement

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A mountain that refuses spring. The endless fall of snow and life that does not wake from hibernation. The master of the mountain’s intention… it is as though it is waiting for death.

So about that special announcement. According to the main news feed of the site, this is going to be the last episode of the broadcast. There are two more episodes in the season, but this is going to be “the last episode of the cour.” I didn’t see anything on the creator twitter, so I’m not sure what the intention is.

Either way, this “last” episode is going to be storyboarded by Nagahama and directed by Sohtome.



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