“I’d Love to Marry You, but Being Down on Your Knee is a More Traditional Pose.”

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This is a little too cool not to show off. Have you ever wanted to have a JoJo themed ceremony? You’re not alone. All of these are the welcome boards from weddings. Each one is a custom made board that the couple decided on so everyone could know how absolutely fabulous their weddings would be. I’d like to see those events, either the ceremony or the reception, just to make sure the clothes in the boards are what they actually wore. I can only assume.

There are a few more from the original Naver gallery. Also from there: If this is something you’d be interested in, there is a guy that does this, specifically the guy who did the first image you saw. His artist name is Enpitsu, and you can find his information and more of his work here.

“Stand Proud” Single and “Stand Up Guide” Release Dates

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That was fast. Araki-JoJo has already tweeted the release date of the “Stand Proud” single. It will be released April 23rd. Not even ten whole days. That’s nice to know, both because I want to hear the full version of the song, and also because it’s just more reason to be ready for there to be more OP. When it’s ready, you shouldn’t be able to get it through Animelo.

But that’s not everything. We’re also already getting a guidebook to the anime: “Stand Up Guide.” According to a tweet by UltraJump, where this picture comes from, it will include a roundtable discussion by the cast, interviews with the staff, and post-recording reports among other things they haven’t told us yet. This one is going on sale on the 19th, just four days away. We’ll probably get another one of these too by the time the show has really gotten going.

Simon Get Your Drill! Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Burning Attack Chapter Coming to Stage This Fall!

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Gainax is putting Gurren Lagann on stage as the new compilation play Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann ~Honougeki-Hen~. Of all the things you could make into a stage play, GL is not among the first things to come to mind, but whatever you have to do, company of weirdo anime nerds that make up Gainax.

There’s unfortunately not much information on this other than it exists. The front page links are all currently gray including cast. But that makes sense because the one link that does work is open auditions. If you ever wanted to be part of a robot show and happen to be in the right part of Japan, you have a chance. You have to submit this application with a bust shot and a full body shot. They are currently looking for men between around 18 to 35 and women between around 18 to 30.

You can keep up with the play production on the main site here. I hope this is a musical.

Mushi-Shi S2 Episode 3 “Under the Snow” Preview Image and Synopsis

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Above a man’s head, the snow is always dancing. And that frozen thing that’s always controlled that man has never been able to erase his memories: The winter memories with his younger sister.

Our storyboarder is an interesting person this time. Hiroshi Nagahama, the series director, is taking the role again from Episode 1. Our Director is also interesting, though for a very different reason. Yasuhiro Geshi‘s most notable director jobs come from either very heavy material, like Berserk, or much more over the top thing, like Getter Robo. Then we have the fairly normal Mitsuko Baba, an AD for 7 episodes of Series 1.

(Image from mushishi-anime.com © Yuki Urushibara, Kodansha, Aniplex, and ArtLand)

Stardust Crusaders Episode 2 “Who’s Judgement?!” Teasers and “Stand Proud” TV Ver. Video!

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“Oh, come on! That’s not even fridge material!”

There are more over on Yaraon including ones of the new OP sequence. But I imagine you’d like to see that one in motion.

You got it.

We Have to Open the Casket! Imagine What Sweet Cuffs Could Be in There!

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Have you ever wanted to know what it was like for Dio at the bottom of the ocean? Who wouldn’t? Sentinel Co. has your back with their new DIO casket. It’s a small figure piece at 190mm done with the excellent detail you’d expect from a Sentinel product all the way down to a very nice “DIO” plaque latch. But is it only a solid box?

No, you can open it and put in your very nice jewelry. It is an accessory box. The display makes it look like a ring box, but you can put cuffs and all other sorts in there.

On top of that, there are two color versions. This is the standard version, but there is also the Undersea version that’s colored to match a more deep ocean tone.

Both versions are ¥4,104, and you can get them both from Union-Creative (Standard Version / Undersea Version).

(Images from Sentinel Co.’s Ameblo)

Mushi-Shi Season 2 Episode 2 “Singing Shell” Preview Image and Synopsis

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Place your ear to the shell and hear the voice of birds. A fishing village recovers from a tragedy, but the Mushi act as an ill omen. A strange looking thing that foreshadows this event for people…

Did anyone else read that in Jennifer Seman’s voice? I did. There is only the one picture.

Interestingly, there is no listed screenwriter. That might be because they’re just directly taking the original manga text, I’m not sure. We only have Director, Storyboard, and Animation Director. Director and Storyboard are the same guy, even: Koichiro Sohtome, a director from 8 of last season’s episodes. Animation director is Eiji Abiko, Tokubetsu-hen‘s AD. This was a pretty good story from the manga, as they pretty much all were, so this should be good.

(Image from mushishi-anime.com © Yuki Urushibara, Kodansha, Aniplex, and ArtLand)


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