MTAC 2014 Cosplay and General Sets 2

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Cosplay 2

General 2

Every single time I saw that Mondo throughout the convention, I immediately went, “Oh my God, Josuke! … Ah, crap.” That happened maybe 5 to 7 times over the course of 3 days.

If you see any you want, you can get the images here. I know I promised you Dandy for next time, so just extend that to what would now be the next time.

“Stand Proud” Full Version Now Available

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That was fast. One of the Tumblr’s got their hands on the full version of “Stand Proud.” There’s no download link, but it does seem to be the real full version. The verses change and there’s a bridge and everything. You might be a little disappointed because it follows a very standard song progression, but it sounds so good.

You can listen to that here.

WTF 80s Anime Videos!

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Well with MTAC finally over it’s time to show everyone on the internet the hilarity that was the WTF 80s anime panel. Here’s a playlist with all the videos in it. The featured shows were in this order, Riding Bean, Dominion Tank Police, DNA² , and Ultimate Teacher. Please enjoy.

MTAC 2014 “MTAC in Love” Cosplay and General 1 Albums!

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Cosplay Pictures 1

General Goings On 1

Time to start the coverage. In that it’s time to show you all of it. We’ve already done it except for the Photoshop touching up. These two are the first set of our MTAC 2014 pictures. The next set will come tomorrow. You’ve got a cosplay set, which has some very impressive cosplayers, and a general set, which has some very impressive patience for long lines.

These two links go to the Shutterfly galleries. If you see pictures you’d like, especially if they’re of you, you can download the albums here.

When the next set is ready, you’ll have some Dandy things coming your way.

Stardust Crusaders Episode 3 “DIO’s Curse” Teasers, ED Confirmation, and Blu-ray Episode Count Confirmation!

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Joseph Joestar knows how to look sharp regardless of dying family members

We’re a little busy with it being MTAC weekend, so this will be sparse, but I wasn’t going to leave you guys high and dry on JoJo’s Friday.

3 things: You can see the rest of the images at Yaraon as always; The ED has been confirmed as “Walk Like an Egyptian” by The Bangles. I’ll get a video of the sequence as soon as I find it; and the Blu-rays this season will be 4 episodes per instead of 2. Thanks for posting that one JoJo thread.

We’ll get back to you soon with con photos. I’ve already found a Jotaro, so I’m considering this a success so far.

“I’d Love to Marry You, but Being Down on Your Knee is a More Traditional Pose.”

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This is a little too cool not to show off. Have you ever wanted to have a JoJo themed ceremony? You’re not alone. All of these are the welcome boards from weddings. Each one is a custom made board that the couple decided on so everyone could know how absolutely fabulous their weddings would be. I’d like to see those events, either the ceremony or the reception, just to make sure the clothes in the boards are what they actually wore. I can only assume.

There are a few more from the original Naver gallery. Also from there: If this is something you’d be interested in, there is a guy that does this, specifically the guy who did the first image you saw. His artist name is Enpitsu, and you can find his information and more of his work here.

“Stand Proud” Single and “Stand Up Guide” Release Dates

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That was fast. Araki-JoJo has already tweeted the release date of the “Stand Proud” single. It will be released April 23rd. Not even ten whole days. That’s nice to know, both because I want to hear the full version of the song, and also because it’s just more reason to be ready for there to be more OP. When it’s ready, you shouldn’t be able to get it through Animelo.

But that’s not everything. We’re also already getting a guidebook to the anime: “Stand Up Guide.” According to a tweet by UltraJump, where this picture comes from, it will include a roundtable discussion by the cast, interviews with the staff, and post-recording reports among other things they haven’t told us yet. This one is going on sale on the 19th, just four days away. We’ll probably get another one of these too by the time the show has really gotten going.


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