GMX Vol. 6 Albums. Sorry for Being Impossibly Late

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So things get in the way, like school, family emergencies and just general inability to work. I apologize for how long any of this took to release and out of personal integrity, and contractual obligation I am happy to present to you GMX Vol. 6 photos.

Album 1

The meeting of the worlds greatest heroes.

Album 2

A heartfelt ballad.

I would like to thank Angela Dolan, Dillion Miller, and OnePixelJumpMan for helping me head up what will probably be the last convention I cover as a press member for I would also like to sincerely and publicly apologize to Rusty Greer and all other staff members for GMX/MTAC for not posting any of this sooner. Maybe if I can find the time I will give this blog the proper resurrection it deserves. Thank you all so much.

SRW Z3 Tengoku Hen PV 1

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There is no such thing as too much robot action!

Alright it’s time for the ultimate super robot wars experience. I have never seen animation like this before in an SRW game. Some of the action looks just outright drawn and the moves look more forceful and smooth than ever before. During this PV there were times that I just sat there in awe. Most of the robot favorites will be returning in this, including but not limited to:

UC Gundams

Getter Robo Armageddon 

Aim for the Ace: Gunbuster

Dancouga/Dancouga Nova

Full Metal Panic/Fumoffu/The Books

Armor Trooper Votoms

And many many more.

It’s actually really impressive what they are doing here because it seems that the roster is staying about the same in terms of size, but the fight animations are just getting a complete overhaul. They are really pushing the graphics on this one. This looks like it will truly be the best Banpresto can make so I’m more than looking forward to it.

Super Robot Wars Z3 Tengoku-Hen will be released April 2.

Majora’s Mask Remake for 3DS Confirmed!

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Alright so maybe I’m a day late to this news but who care, Majora’s Mask is getting a remake! Here’s the trailer:

Alright let me just get this out of the way, I love Majora’s Mask. It’s my favorite Zelda game, and I’ve wanted it remade for a long time, so this makes me pretty happy. Nostalgia aside, I am dissapointed by one thing, it’s being remade for the 3DS. The issue with this is that means they can just port the engine, and just touch up the graphics, textures, audio, etc. and not rework the game from the ground up which is really what it needed.

The game’s original strength came from it’s small details and attempts at being subtlety dark as opposed to say Twilight Princess which really tried to show off how dark it was. The issue it had was that the ideas it had as the core game mechanic were limited by the specs N64 and it really deserved a strong engine rebuild that would make it the master piece it should have been when it was first released.

That being said, fans have been asking for this for a long time, and while it’s not the Wii U remake we all wanted, it’s still going to be a fantastic remake of Majora’s Mask. Also, it looks like there will be a limited edition of this to commemorate the event.

Look forward to The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask coming out in Spring 2015

JJBATAS Ep. 4 Premier

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Sorry for the lack of content, this is far harder than i thought it’d be. But as a refresher Antfish just put up episode of JJBATAS.

Pretty good if you ask me. The exchnage between Zeppeli and Dio is of particular note. I can already see people redrawing Will as the Pringles man or the Monopoly man, it works too well. Enjoy this long awaited episode.

The GMX pics will be coming soon.

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: 7th Stand User English Version!

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Over the course of the past 5 years or so, a group called NendoTairiku has been working on a massive Jojo’s fan game called Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: The 7th Stand user. As of a couple weeks ago, the game has been released in English thanks to the efforts of Super Bonk. I just picked it up. It’s definitely worth anyone’s time.

The game is basically a retelling of Stardust Crusaders, however you play as a new stand user who one day happens to meet Jotaro Kujo after he was released from prison. As the result of this you get caught up in their globetrotting adventure. You take a test to see what kind of stand you get, the combat is Etrian Odyssey style POV RPG combat, it’s pretty cool. And the sprite work is phenomenal.



So yeah that looks like it was ripped straight from the manga. This was a massibe project and the work really shows. Aside from the graphics looking fairly amazing, the game has 18 possible unique stands for you to choose, the game’s story actually does transcend the original manga as you will fight stand users from other parts, and the story has a total of 19 possible endings. Also, the game has some fantastic music with only a few hiccups. Here’s an example:

Definitely check the 7th stand user out. It’s fairly fun and it invokes some old RPG nostalgia with a jojo’s twist. You can download the game here.


Persona Q: Junpei and Zen English Trailers

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Haven’t exactly been able to keep up with this perfectly but apparently Atlus has been slowly releasing english trailers for the characters in Persona Q. Featured today are the original character Zen, and Persona 3 fan favorite Junpee Iori.

They definitely sound pretty good. Vic Mignogna is doing a damn good job of being the idiotic and yet heartwarming and down to earth kinda guy. It’ll fit well with the colorful cast from Persona 4 who were pretty goofy for the most part. He’ll feel right at home. Zen on the hand is that calm and collected and somewhat more gentle sounding character. I can’t quite place the voice nor can I find a listing for it anywhere. I’ll update this when I find out who it is.

It’s nice to hear all this. Especially the cutscene dialogue since that guarantees that the full game will be voice acted as opposed to only in battle and key cutscenes since it’s a hand held game. It sounds pretty good.

Persona Q: Shadow of the Labrynth come out Nov. 25.

Fall Anime Season 2014 Outlook

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Every season of anime has a very easily recognizable image that works as a list of all the anime that will be airing in the near future. This season the image looks like this.

A few notable things are on this list.

Gundam Reconguista in G: The first Gundam made by Tomino since Turn A over 10 years ago. Young cadet captures a powerful Mobile Suit called the G-Self while protecting the Orbital Elevator.

Mushishi is coming back which is always solid. Ginko is still taking care of Mushishi problems

Magic Kaito 1412: An adaptation of Magic Kaito. A manga probably best known because the main character frequently cameos in Detective Conan. Kaito Kuroba is a teenage high school student who adapts his father’s identity as the legendary phantom thief, Kaito Kid, and unlocks the mystery behind his death.

Parasyte: The oddball this season. It’s apparently about aliens invading and one kid accidentally merges with one and uses his new found abilities to prevent human extinction. Sounds very much like Devilman, and that was pretty good so I have hi hopes.

So those are the ones that stick out to me, but hey, I’ve been surprised before. So let’s all look forward to the 2014 Fall anime season.



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